CaesarStone Misty Carrara

Misty Carrara (Caesarstone 4141) is amongst composite quartz stone`s nearest match to Cararra Marble, though far more practical than marble of course. Predominantly white with subtle black hints peeking through, this stone is unique from all the quartz brands and looks beautiful for large worktop pieces.

  • White

How much would a CaesarStone Misty Carrara kitchen cost?

  • £4,920.20

  • £3,008.65

  • £2,716.08

  • £2,303.13

  • £3,350.83

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CaesarStone is amongst the best known brands of quartz surface, and the longest established. It is a quartz brand that is used in the highest profile installations across the UK.  Stone Masters proudly fit the Champions Lounge at Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Club in Caesarstone, a testament to the trust top architects hold in this material.

In terms of simple colours, CaesarStone® has a straight forward but appealing range as you might expect from this caliber of company. Where the brand excels is in exclusive patterns which are not quite marble effect but have a swirly marble like quality, whilst retaining the essence of a quartz top.  A good example of this is Bianco Drift which has enough character to make people admire without screaming at you.

CaesarStone was the first quartz surface manufacturer in the world, and the innovation and drive to venture into quartz slabs is reflected in the way it is developing new products. When you think of CaesarStone, think clever, competent and prestigious.