Quarella Lapis

Quarella Lapis is the darkest blue composite stone generally available. It is a beautiful quartz surface material designed to replicate nature`s semi precious Lapis Lazuli. The deep blue is greatly enhanced by large glassy flecks and subtle mirror components which give the stone depth and sparkle. Being brave in your colour choice with crazy bold colours normally pays off well compared to playing it safe with a neutral type of stone.

  • Blue

How much would a Quarella Lapis kitchen cost?

  • £5,862.05

  • £3,535.49

  • £3,179.40

  • £2,676.79

  • £3,951.96

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Quarella has evolved a lot as a quartz surface brand over its long history. Bringing the design flair of Italy to their colours, Quarella has kept eye catching stones like Lapis in their range, as well as the bright red New Rubino.  

Be sure to check out the ambitious black colours like Imperial black as they are notoriously difficult to produce as a quartz surface.  On the other end of the colour spectrum, Quarella supplemented its already white Alabastro with the ultra white Bianchissimo.

Quarella started off being called Piano Forte right at the beginning over a decade ago and then rebranded its logo several times.  Whilst this name is no longer advertised, we do get customers that sometimes refer to Qaurella as Piano Forte.