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Our website has been designed to afford you as much information as you need to make an informed decision.  By allowing you to compare nearly all the options available when considering Stone or a different type of Surface Covering. But, it will not beat speaking to one of our friendly staff who will be delighted to have the opportunity to work with you, but do not consider that the priority. 

When you need more information call us and immediately recognise the difference. The interest, the knowledge and the desire to be of assistance. We want to do business with you but that’s not the priority. The priority is to meet your expectations.

We are one of the UK’s leading importers, suppliers and installers of stone surfaces in the UK, with the most modern cutting and processing machines  and because of this, the service and prices we offer our customers means many become friends and happily recommend our services to others.

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These are Just Some of The Surfaces Uses to Consider

Routine Care and Cleaning of Granite and
Quartz Worktops and surfaces

Stone worktops maintenance and cleaning

Granite and Quartz surfaces are relatively low maintenance as worktop surfaces. In most cases, routine cleaning with mild soap and water will keep your worktops looking almost new for a long, long time.

Stone Masters does sell a specialist care kit for granite and for quartz composite stones. The care kits have specially formulated regular cleaning fluids, stain repellent and the granite care kit has a oil/grease remover.

Cleaning methods will vary slightly depending on the finish of your granite or quartz worktops



  • Polished (gloss) surfaces:

    Whilst polished surfaces are generally resistant to staining, Stone Masters recommends you wipe off spills as soon as possible. It is generally easier to deal with stains in this way rather than battling with red wine that has been left over night on the worktops. Where stains are stubborn, first try a household cleaner such as CIF or Astonish (white or neutral versions) with a clean cloth.

  • Honed (matt or non-gloss but smooth) surfaces:

    Routine cleaning is the same as polished surfaces – soapy water and a clean cloth. Greasy or oily stains can be removed with a chlorine free house hold spray. If the stains remain, try again but with an abrasive pad such as green Scotch-Brite or similar, to be used in large, even, circular motions.

  • Textured (slightly bumpy to touch) surfaces:

    Unless explicitly requested otherwise, Stone Masters will treat these surfaces with an anti-stain product prior to the manufacturing process. This treatment will allow you to clean the surfaces in the same way as you would with polished surfaces.


Which products to use?

At Stone Masters, we offer over 300 different quartz surfaces from 8 different quality brands and each stone is unique to some extent. For granites, we have partnered with several suppliers giving us access to the largest range of natural stone in Europe. A visit to our showroom will enable you to choose and reserve your very own unique granite slabs, which we will cut and install for you.

Honed Stones

On honed (matt or non-gloss but smooth) surfaces, greasy or oily stains can be removed with a chlorine free household cleaner dispensed by a spray. If the stains remain, try again but with an abrasive pad such as green Scotch-Brite or similar, to be used in large, even, circular motions.

Dried Substances

For dried-on or thick, sticky substances such as mustard, curry or chewing gum on your work surface, use a flat edged plastic scraper until the surfaces can be cleaned as above.

If you are in any doubt you are welcome to call our offices for advice.


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