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Stone properties: all stone, natural or composite (man made), used for kitchen worktops is subject to colour variation and natural veining. The stone eventually used for any order may differ in look and feel from any sample previously given to the customer. Stone names generally reflect a particular type of stone from a particular quarry, area or composite range; however, it is common to find variation between and within slabs of stone from the same quarry. These properties also apply to stone samples as they are an indicator of colour and texture. Actual stone may vary from sample.


Slab matching: Stone Masters will always use matching slabs for any set of kitchen worktops (from the same block) in order to ensure consistency as far as possible. However, we cannot guarantee exact matching of adjacent pieces of worktop due to variation between and within slabs used. It is also possible that adjacent pieces of stone reflect light differently and thus look inconsistent.


Tolerances: The tolerance for stone slab thickness is +/- 2mm. This is the tolerance acceptable as different from the thickness of the slab quoted in the order. This tolerance is industry standard and is usually not visible to the human eye. Joints are set 2mm in width with a tolerance of +/- 0.5mm. Joints should be level (no lipping between adjacent pieces), though in most instances stone slabs are bent so it is not possible to have a perfectly level joint; in these cases, our fitters will attempt a best fit to minimise the lipping problem. In most cases, the finished effect is not noticeable to the human eye. If walls are not straight the fitters may have to chase the walls. In this case the fitters will inform the customer at the time of fitting.


Length of worktop: The maximum length of a single run of worktop is 2.8m for Granite Worktops. However, this can be longer if a larger slab is available at the time of order. As for Quartz Worktops the maximum length usually is 3m but there are some quartz materials that are available in lengths up to 3.2m. The maximum length of a single run will also depend on access to the site and the weight of the finished piece. In general, the maximum square area (length x width) of the piece should be less than 2.2m2 due to weight restrictions and difficulty to move the piece onto site. This figure may have to be lower if the pieces have to be taken up any stairs. The customer and templater from Stone Masters may discuss the best positioning of joints between each worktop run however the templater is the ultimate decision maker in this case; the templater will consider the properties of stone and all practical aspects such as delivery and fitting.


Order: any quotation given to a customer online is subject to approval by a qualified member of the Stone Masters staff. The quotation is based in information supplied by the customer. An order may be initiated using the price quoted to the customer using this information. However, should we find differences in measurements provided upon taking our own template measurements, or unforeseen accessibility difficulties, we reserve the right to revise the quotation to reflect new information. The customer will be informed and must agree to the change in price by way of signature in order for the order to be further processed. Stone Masters reserves the right to cancel the order following the site visit by the templating team.


Cancellation charges: should an order be initiated by the customer the customer has the right to cancel the order without facing any cancellation costs at any time before the date of template. Should the customer wish to cancel the order after the template has been taken, he/she will be refunded monies paid less the following charges reflecting the costs to Stone Masters for this action:

    • £200 which reflects the cost of preparing the template and administration costs of processing the order

    • If material has been ordered specifically in preparation for the customers order, the cost of this material will be deducted in addition from the refund amount

    • If worked pieces of stone have been prepared for the order, the processing costs such as labour and use of machinery, will be deducted in addition from the refund amount

    • If delivery or fitting has taken place, £400 will be deducted in addition to the refund amount, reflecting costs incurred

    • If removal or disposal of fitted worktops is required, an additional £400 will be deducted from the refund amount reflecting costs incurred.

    • The maximum that may be deducted from the refund amount cannot exceed the total value of the order.


Installation dates: any collection/delivery/installation date specified by Stone Masters is an estimate and may be subject to change. Stone Masters will try its best to honour specified dates, however circumstances such as breakages may result in delays.


Completed order: an order is considered complete once fitting has been completed by our staff. Normally, the customer is asked to sign a delivery note declaring that the goods have been received and fitted in good condition. Any defects noticed in the worktops must be reported the same day (by email or writing) in order to initiate an inspection by a member of the Stone Masters team. We guarantee the quality of workmanship; we cannot guarantee damage caused by other parties


Sink & Hob Installation: our fitters will happily attach sinks to worktops on request. However, they are not certified to connect any hobs or undertake any plumbing for sinks. 


Payment: all goods remain the property of Stone Masters until full and complete payment is received. Payment by cheque can take up to 5 working days to clear. Stone Masters will provide the customer with an invoice for any purchase.


Communications: all written communication between Stone Masters and the customer will be by email, including order confirmation notices and the invoice.

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