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We welcome trade enquiries. We are happy to listen to what your thoughts are and happy to supply a suitable solution or advise you if you have any questions. We will cut the stone surface in whatever material you choose to fit, perfectly and help you to make sure any seams or joins are hidden so the finish is no less that craft-level professionalism that will impressing YOUR customer in the process.

Don’t worry if your skill-set doesn’t cover working with Stone surfaces, you’ll be working with Stone Masters. We’ll take care of everything once you’ve chosen the material.

Below are some of the Corporate names who have entrusted us in the past, who we have worked with, installing  complete shower/changing areas, Serveries, Contract  work and Prestigious Reception areas.

We’ve got you stone covered!

Welcome Trade Partners



Property Developers

Construction Companies

Kitchen Fitters & Carpenters

Bathroom Companies

Prestige Design Companies

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