Here’s what you need to know about porcelain (ceramic) worktops


Porcelain worktops, countertops and slabs have taken over the UK commercial and residential market by storm but this is not surprising at all: they are built to endure a variety of indoor and outdoor applications, and offer superb all around versatility.

The 100% porcelain slabs at Stone Masters, for example, outperform other countertop surfaces like laminates, engineered quartz or natural stone, while offering unmatched durability and style options.

Here’s why it makes sense to choose porcelain/ceramic for your next residential or commercial project:

High durability

Where other countertops or worktops may stain, crack or get discoloured over time, porcelain surfaces are built and designed to last. Our porcelain countertops are extremely resistant to all kinds of chemicals, detergents, and blemishes – even the strongest paints are a non-issue and can be removed quite easily.

Porcelain slabs offer very high resistance to scratches and abrasion, so installation in high-use areas like kitchens, bathrooms or even a factory floor is ideal. Even after frequent cleaning and extensive daily use, porcelain’s durability properties absolutely shine.

Highly hygienic

Porcelain surfaces can easily resist bacteria, fungi, dust mites, mould, or other irritants which can lead to serious health problems. Porcelain slabs are built and designed at very high temperatures often exceeding 2000°F and emit zero VOCs; their inorganic nature means dirt, bacteria or germs can be wiped away easily with just a piece of cloth and a disinfectant solution. It’s a great way to enjoy good health throughout the year, be it in a residential or commercial setting.

Excellent versatility

Whether it’s reception areas, kitchen countertops, outdoor bars or bathroom vanities you want to uplift, the options are wide and varied for using porcelain surfaces. They are impervious to damage from extreme climatic conditions, UV light and humidity, boasting high versatility in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Porcelain’s average water absorption is 0.1% so it’s also frost-resistant and can easily tolerate all kinds of weather conditions throughout the year. Our porcelain slabs do not contain any organic material which means they are also fire-resistant.

Easy-peasy maintenance

With an investment like porcelain countertops or kitchentops, you’d want to give it proper care and maintenance, and there’s no extra work or ‘special requirements’ for cleaning them. Even if you have paper towels and some clean water, that’s all you need. Stains are very easy to get out too – just use a mild detergent and a soft piece of cloth, and you’re done! In fact, any general-purpose household cleaner available at your local store would do just fine.

Wide variety of design styles

The porcelain surfaces at Stone Masters are available in both polished and unpolished surfaces, and produced to the highest standards using leading-class digital printing technology for lifelike designs. These designs comply with the latest trends, such as marble or natural-stone inspired classics, or vibrant whites and concrete looks.

No matter what kind of design elements you need to complement your interior aesthetics with, our in-house team is capable of reproducing it to your exact specifications.


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