Based in Perivale, Greenford, Middlesex, Stone Masters is among the UK’s leading stone worktop and stone surface suppliers and fabricators – specialising in a variety of stone surfaces for kitchens, bathrooms, wetrooms, receptions, and more.

We source only the finest materials for your kitchen worktops and stone surfaces for home and commercial facilities, including quartz, sintered, porcelain, semi precious stone, marble and granite.

Established in 1995, we are a company built on our reputation for achieving unmatched quality and craftsmanship over the last 27 years, when it comes to bespoke stone kitchen worktops and stone surfaces.

Our stone surfaces are supplied for a multitude or purposes where we use the latest laser and water pressure cutting machinery. This allows us to achieve the finest cut, thus, enabling out team to present the most seamless joins and pure trade craft finishes for your stone kitchen worktops, stone bathroom worktops, reception area stone worktops, and more.

Our production facility is consistently updated with the latest machinery and stock. We’re also very lucky to have pretty much the same staff over the last 2+ decades – we’re among the few stone cutting specialists who have a very low staff turnover. This contributes greatly to our drive and determination for consistently achieving a very high quality of finished goods.

At Stone Masters, we have also been very biased towards technology – we’re proud to be the first UK company to make use of electronic templating combined with the most accurate CNC manufacturing.

We continue this trend towards technology adaptation for the finest stone cuts, with one of our recent investments being a robotic arm for cutting granite worktops, quarts worktops, and more. We believe there should be no room for uncertainty or guesswork when it comes to stone measurement, cutting and fitting for kitchen tops, bathroom surfaces and other commercial applications.

We serve the entire London & surrounding areas, offering unsurpassed quality built over 25 years but at a very competitive price. Our gallery contains some of our more recent works where we left our clients at an absolute loss for words after they saw the results first-hand!

Why us as your Stone Fabricator?

Stone Masters supplies stone surfaces of the highest quality only and in a variety of materials, all produced in-house using the latest stone cutting technology.

From start to finish, we offer a memorable customer service experience where we guarantee end-to-end project management with a personalised touch.

Our fittings boast the highest level of craftsmanship, along with our personal guarantee of quality work which we perform in a non-intrusive way.

We accept all major payment methods to get the ball rolling on your project.

Your dedicated project manager will sit down with you and note down your exact specifications. If you don’t have any in mind, they will recommend something tasteful and elegant, based on your space’s aesthetics and your underlying vision.

Natural stone

Marble, expectedly, is the most popular and expensive stone but innovative technology and ecological mindset has brought innovative alternatives like synterised stone and quartz for example.

In simple terms, Marble is a natural stone that is quarried and cut into blocks using various kinds of mining techniques, before being cut into slabs and then cut into form. What Marble is quarried is usually what you get with a high polished finish, but limited to colours and patterns. Marble has been used for centuries for floor surfacing and sculpturing. Pieces have been carved and cemented together to form columns and remain still today for us view and admire.

Marble has long been used for creating sculptures because it is carvable and workable to an extent. The reason  marble is such a popular and historically rich building material lies in the characteristics this beautiful stone contains.

Marble has always been considered a hard stone when in effect it is not by comparison and it does wear. We are also limited with colours although special stone colouring can be added

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Syntered Stone

The Technology of Sinterized Particles or TSP, is the process used to to create a perfect alternative by accelerating  the metamorphic process of stone. TSP uses a specific recipe of natural minerals found in stone and puts them through a process that uses intense heat and other forces (pressure, electricity, etc.) to induce the transformation of the particles into a solid mass of material, it does not form on its own naturally.
This method is pioneered and marketed under the brand Dekton©, for whom we are preferred agents.
Now we can offer you a selection of surface coverings, in a multitude of colours and textures to suit you budget and theme.
By using the latest cutting technology we can cut to size and join pieces with the finish almost seamless around sink or bath units, fireplaces or anywhere else you choose to apply any of the surfaces we offer.
When you work with us you are in good hands. You are working with Trade-Craft Professionals with years of experience. When you call our office you will be made to feel comfortable and listened to. We will take an interest to get as much information as we can to provide you with a competitive quotation for your project and we will do a great job that will guarantee your satisfaction.
This is our promise to you.

For more information about our work tops that include;

  • Granite, Composite Quartz, Marble, Porcelain  surfaces check out

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