The main materials used for worktops:

Marble      |     Granite     |      Quartz     |       Porcelain/Sintered stone        |     Quartzite      |      Semi Precious stone


Marble Worktops – Kitchens, Bathrooms and Flooring

Any beautiful building you gaze at, which has remained in pristine condition for decades, is almost always guaranteed to be made from natural marble. When it comes to natural stones, marble worktops for kitchens, bathrooms, floors and other surfaces is among our specialties.


Beautiful Granite Worktops for Kitchen, Bathrooms, Receptions & more

Granite worktops for both homes and offices have become very popular over the years due to their sheer strength and impervious nature. These characteristics ensure longevity, while the lovely gloss and eye-pleasing texture has really upped the demand for granite worktops for kitchen, granite worktops for bathrooms, and other applications such as granite stone surfaces, all across the UK.

Stone Masters will work with you to understand your design ideas and craft a fully bespoke granite worktop, no matter what the application.


Quartzite Worktops for Unmatched Durability and Visual Appeal

Quartzite is basically sandstone in its original state. It’s made from crystallised quartz grains, which gives it a very unique, glassy and highly desirable appearance. One of the key advantages of having quartzite worktops for kitchens, bathrooms or reception areas installed in your space is that it provides that timeless and classic look reminiscent of marble, while also offering the strength and durability characteristics of granite.

Plus, if you prefer your worktop or stone surface design to have those lovely swirls and veins, but at the same time also want something low maintenance, then quartzite worktops are an excellent option.

These glossy-looking metamorphic rocks are a natural stone made from 100% quartz with very tightly compacted grains – offering an ideal blend of toughness and beauty. This makes quartzite worktops for bathrooms or quartzite worktops for kitchens, for example, as elegant as marble stones and granite stones, if not more.


Quartz Worktops – Precious Stones for Precious Spaces

Quartz, a precious stone, is known all over the world as one of the most durable and hardest-wearing materials to have ever been discovered. And, it is because of this durability that people tend to go with quartz worktops, particularly quartz worktops for kitchens and quartz worktops for bathrooms. The broad availability of designs, colours and patterns available with Stone Masters ensures that your quartz worktops blend in seamlessly with the rest of the interior while offering you all the classic traits of this precious stone: stain resistance, heat-resistance, spill-proof, non-porous, etc.

When it comes to worktops, you would always want to go with a stone that has low maintenance costs and can take a lot of daily wear and tear. Our quartz worktops are designed and crafted to offer you unmatched durability and aesthetics. Quartz kitchen worktops or quartz bathroom worktops are known all over the world for their exotic appeal and eye-pleasing beauty. It’s highly resistant to spills, including acids, while being nearly twice as hard as glass and harder than regular kitchen knife blades. This makes quartz the perfect stone surface for kitchen worktops, bathroom worktops, show room flooring, reception areas, and more.

Many homeowners are choosing quartz kitchen worktops because of their resilience, durability, and of course, heart-warming aesthetic appeal. Quartz worktops can give your kitchen, for example, a completely fresh look, offering a level of sturdiness and resilience that you will likely not find in other precious stone surfaces.

Our expert craftsmen will install your quartz worktops for kitchen or bathroom with unmatched professionalism and perfection, using the highest quality sealing agents, so that there’s minimal maintenance required on your part.

In fact, all you need in terms of maintenance is a soft cloth, gentle cleanser and some water. However, it should be noted that if any moisture or spill comes into contact with your quartz worktop, it needs to be wiped off right away or it may affect the finish.

Sintered Stone/Porcelain

Sintered Stone/Porcelain Worktops – Unparalleled flexibility and resistance

Have you ever thought about installing beautiful porcelain worktops (also known as sintered stone worktops and surfaces) in your kitchens, bathrooms or floors? Well, you wouldn’t be the first one as porcelain worktops for kitchens have gained widespread popularity across the UK, particularly in the last few years.

Porcelain kitchen worktops and porcelain stone surfaces for flooring not only boast highly attractive and eye-pleasing aesthetic appeal but also offer best-in-class flexibility and resistance. If your mind is set on getting porcelain worktops for bathrooms or kitchens, then you’ve certainly come to the right place!

Semi precious stone

Semiprecious Stone Worktops to add extra allure and bedazzlement to your spaces

Made from stunning, handpicked stones like crystals, agates and gems, semiprecious stone worktops allow you to easily put up nature’s beauty on full display, either in your home or your place of business. Semi-precious stones are a great way to add dazzling beauty to your kitchens, bathrooms and floors. Our superior craftsmanship and the latest CNC technology bring you a broad range of striking and attractive options when it comes to semiprecious stone kitchen worktops or semiprecious stone bathroom worktops, for instance.

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