Silestones Integrity Sinks

Silestone Integrity Sinks

Silestone Integrity Sinks

Perfect integration with your worktop

Integrity Sinks allow you to choose from a wide range of shapes, sizes, colours and finishes to combine with your worktop, providing visual continuity to the kitchen.

Integrity sinks benefits

High scratch resistance

Daily use and wear will not scratch

High impact resistance

High resistance to daily impacts

Reduced water absorption

Silestone’s almost zero porosity results in high resistance to water & moisture

BESPOKE SINK from any material –

This custom sink/vanity was created for a seamless design & sophistication which will elevate the look and transform your bathroom to look modern & sleek.

This type of custom sink / vanity top is a bespoke item, that can be done with any porcelain type material.

This example below is from Neolith – Himalayan Crystal.

25 Years of experience
Laser Templating / Measuring
CNC Machine


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