Stone Masters – How do I paint a kitchen countertop at home?

Many people understandably do not want to pay extra costs to replace a whole kitchen countertop. A popular alternative is to paint it instead. You don’t need a lot of complicated equipment for this process, all you need is paint, a good primer and resin. You can paint any sort of counter top but we […]


Stone Masters – Contract Kitchens

Contract kitchen worktops Stone  Masters Contract experience                 Sample specification: •Material – OKITE, engineered stone with distinct advantages  over granite, priced similarly •Built up 60mm mitred edging with 60mm box panel to the  floor. The worktops look 60mm thick in total •Flush sitting hob – complex hob cut out procedure Contract experience                        We have been working […]


STONE MASTERS – Cutting DEKTON / Sintered stone

Dekton is a megaforce being unleashed by the makers of the quartz surface giant Silestone. Why is Dekton going to take over from Silestone?Dekton is an ultra-compact surface that is virtually scratch and heat proof, thus making it a sure fire hit amongst architects, designers and other specifiers. The colours and designs are spectacular, such […]


STONEMASTERS – Italian Marble

Italian Marble –What’s in a name? Following my fourth trip to Italy this year to purchase white marble, I wanted to clarify the differences between Statuario, Calacatta, Arabescato, Carrara C, Carrara C/D……….etc. What a minefield of names to describe stone that come from the same mountains but with marginally different characteristics. Calacatta: Similar but busier […]


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