CEMENTI – Cemento Avorio Bocciardato

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Cemento Avorio Bocciardato is one of the shades in the Cementi collection that Laminam offers in three colours. The natural colour, together with the bush-hammered surfaces, enhances the extremely textural component that the range aims to inspire. Available only in the 1000×3000 mm size with a Laminam 5 thickness, the Avorio shade finds its fullest realisation on very light ceramic sheets and gives aesthetic and technical results that the original material could not guarantee.

The surfaces, suitable for interior and exterior cladding, look bright and pure, enhancing the furnishing choices. The strength expressed by the material, in the Avorio shade, also gives a feeling of naturalness and warmth particularly suitable for interior spaces where the hue accommodates any chromatic and material requirement. Internationally appreciated, the Bocciardato finish of this range reproduces the effect of cement thanks to a special processing of the slabs. Cementi is a natural product, resistant to impacts, stains and scratches, as well as to temperature sudden changes, even major ones.






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