FOKOS – Sale

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Sale, to add an extra touch to a range of colours based on the primordial elements of nature. Sale is the palest shade in the Fokos collection, based on beige – and the one that allows you to create striking colour combinations in combination with the nuances on offer. This colour variant offers various opportunities for the construction of spaces, both for furnishing and for cladding interior and exterior walls.

Designed to characterise everyday environments, Laminam’s Fokos range suggests slabs with a Natural finish; in the Sale shade it comes in several sizes and thicknesses: the laying possibilities are varied and the versatility of the colour allows for the most original stylistic and design choices. Sale can be considered as a neutral colour, which is best expressed in combination with the other Fokos shades, especially for creating the feeling of a natural, almost primitive environment. The surfaces of this collection by Laminam are suitable for interior but also for exterior claddings, such as the façades of modern residential complexes. The anti-slip R9 finish extends the application possibilities to areas exposed to water.






Ceramics & Porcelain

Slab Size

1000x3000mm, 1620x3240mm

Available Finishes