4004 Raw Concrete

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Raw Concrete Caesarstone offers the softest, most subtle splashes of grey expertly mixed with lovely black and white textured flecks, paying homage to the much celebrated classic urban aesthetics.

Upon closer inspection, you’ll find that Caesarstone Raw Concrete takes a smooth and cool-toned appearance, with the grey worktop and black and white specks giving a very modern and distinctive look to your kitchens and bathrooms. If, by any chance, you have vibrant and colourful cabinets in your kitchen or neutral furniture pieces, Raw Concrete will get right along with your existing aesthetics through its chic matt finish and intricate texture. The scratch and stain-resistant as well as non-porous properties of Raw Concrete make it a very stylish and maintainable worktop.

Caesarstone Raw Concrete is guaranteed to easily fit in with any modern interior style, as it resembles almost the exact shade of modern concrete – making it ideal for both warm as well as cool-toned kitchen and bathroom decors.

Like the name implies, Raw Concrete boasts a very robust structure which can easily stand the test of time. The resilient structure is made from a specialist blend of pigments, resins and natural quartz which come together seamlessly to create a very uniform colour and outstanding strength.




Black, Grey, White



Slab Size

1440 mm x 3040, 1640 mm x 3240

Available Finishes