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Dekton Trilium offers a mixture of colors inspired by volcanic stones and intense gray and black touches. Created with up to 80% recycled material, Trilium was born in 2016 becoming the first ecological color of Dekton. * Check available colours in your market

Trillium Dekton is a lovely concoction of intense grey and black colours, all inspired by volcanic stones. The slabs are created using as much as 80% recycled material and since its inception in 2016, has become the first ecological offering by Dekton.

With such a diverse and awe-inspiring colour range to choose from, interior designers and homeowners alike will be quite pleased to know that the surface is just as durable and sturdy as it looks upon first glance. Plus, when combined with single tone colours, Dekton Trillium can be used to create the perfect design aesthetics in modern kitchens.

Dekton Trillium worktops are made using a mixture of glass, quartz, porcelain and other raw materials, which are all heated in an eco-friendly way to create the unique designs you see. Due to the materials used, Trillium surfaces can easily withstand all kinds of stains and scratches in indoor and outdoor applications, as well as rapid temperature changes and extreme weather conditions.




Black, Grey


Ceramics & Porcelain

Slab Size

0.8cm 1.2cm 2cm 0.4cm

Available Finishes