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Unique Calacatta Black

Looking for a unique and distinctive worktop? Unique Calacatta Black Compac is the perfect Quartz interior décor option with its ultra-sleek marble look, helping to effortlessly elevate the underlying aesthetics of your kitchen or bathroom.

Many architects, designers and home DIY’ers go with black and white natural stone worktops like Compac Unique Calacatta Black because it bears a very close resemblance to Panda White marble but easily stands up to staining or scratching. This is why Unique Calacatta Black is an excellent choice for kitchen and bathroom worktops as it offers superb performance, durability and looks – the natural black and white veining from Brazilian Chinese exotic stones is hard to miss. So, you’re looking to make a bold style statement while having a very effective worktop surface that’s easy to clean and requires low maintenance.

Compared to natural marble, Unique Calacatta Black Compac features a non-porous surface which means it can fully resist spills from acidic liquids like vinegar, oranges or lemons. Unlike some stones, Unique Calacatta Black does not require any waxing, additional coatings or sealants, so installation is quick and hassle-free.




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