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To stop time on surfaces, to capture colour at its peak, to simulate the effects that atmospheric agents have on a material that is present in so many natural ecosystems, such as iron: this is the great ambition of Ossido. Combining art, creativity and superior quality, the Verderame shade confirms Laminam’s affinity with the world of design and its vocation for aesthetic experimentation.

Starting from the artistic intuition of the innovative Blu Lucidato Fluidosolido surface and the experience of the Filocollection, the surface is proposed to interior designers who love daring, for providing new solutions in the boldest projects. There are three sizes available: 1000×3000 mm, 1620×1620 mm and 1620×3240 mm, while the variable thicknesses range from Laminam 3/3+ to Laminam 20, through Laminam 5/5+ and Laminam 12+. Ideal for flooring, interior and exterior cladding and furnishing design elements such as tables and kitchen/bathroom tops, Ossido Verderame – thanks to its R9 anti-slip finish – is also applied to floorings where water is often present.

Ossido Verderame Laminam is inspired by the rare Amazonite quartzite, adding a modern and oxidised touch to your surfaces. This magnificent stone from Brazil also goes by “Tiffany Blue” and “Tiffany Quartzite”, owing to the lovely and mesmerising vibrant green, turquoise and grey hues. Amazonite is known all across the world for its rarity and premium value as a decorative material. However, with Laminam Ossido Verderame, you can easily replicate this rare and timeless beauty at nearly a fraction of the actual cost of Amazonite.

Laminam describes Ossido Verderame as a “series that crystallises material in time” – an attempt to crystallise the material at a certain point in its life so that it stays that way for an eternity. This oxidation on slabs of metal and cooper generates a very strong and rich tone, yet interestingly, disappears as the oxidation process matures.

Laminam Ossido Verderame offers a very unique texture which makes it particularly well-suited to interior furnishings and décor. It’s a genuine marriage of technology and art, where the materials are highly versatile, retaining their original specifications even when exposed to frost, heat, UV rays and water.

The striking green turquoise worktop containing sporadic shades of grey is an excellent choice for kitchens and bathrooms as it neither releases any harmful elements when exposed to different temperature extremes, nor allows mould and mildew to form.






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1000x3000mm, 1620x3240mm

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