I NATURALI – Ossidiana Vena Scura

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The intense colour of Ossidiana Vena Scura is a tribute to the volcanic stone; of the three shades in the range, Vena Scura most closely resembles the natural material from which it draws inspiration. Obsidian is a volcanic glass formed by the rapid cooling of lava in contact with the air, which creates a unique and solid crystalline structure, used by mankind since ancient times for jewellery or decoration, due to its characteristic shine and unusual colouring.

The Ossidiana Vena Scura slab, in keeping with its distinctive inspiration, lends an eclectic feel to the spaces it furnishes; its deep black hues, inspired by volcanic lava, lend themselves well to use as modern, sophisticated furnishing. Available in the Natural finish, it is in the striking large size of 1000×3000 mm that Ossidiana Vena Scura truly fulfils its decorative potential, conveying all the opulence of the material from which it draws inspiration. This visual impact is achieved with the reduced Laminam 3/3+ thickness, an extremely lightweight ceramic surface which is nonetheless resistant to impact and stress. Laminam’s technical excellence makes the series extremely versatile, suitable for cladding, flooring, exterior façades and furnishing surfaces such as kitchen countertops, table tops, bathroom countertops and cladding for doors and stairs. Ossidiana Vena Scura is part of the Laminam I Naturali series, characterised by cutting-edge technology taken to its highest extreme and linked by a common thread: the earth and its natural capacity to be shaped, worked and transformed into design-led furnishing.






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