I NATURALI – Sahara Noir Extra Bocciardato

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The appeal of one of the most striking marbles evokes the chromatic depth of the desert night sky, elevated to a surface of exquisite design. Sahara Noir Extra part of the Laminam I Naturali series, exceeds in aesthetic elegance and technology one of the most beautiful stones nature has to offer: Tunisian black marble. Available in size 1200×3000 mm and Laminam 5 + and Laminam 5 thicknesses, this slab offers 3 pattern designs, created with the cutting-edge technology of the Laminam technique, which elevates the value of marble, one of the most widely used naturally available materials for sophisticated architectural designs.

This series is ideal for applications that range from indoor and outdoor flooring and cladding to furniture, personalising the interior design of domestic or commercial spaces; décor, tables, unit doors, kitchen and bathroom countertops, washbasins: the signature style of Laminam slabs transforms everyday objects with the deep, intense black of Tunisian marble. The exceptional functionality, durability and versatility of the Laminam range is evident in its technical applications: the R10 anti-slip rating further expands its design possibilities, meaning that Sahara Noir Extra is also a versatile choice for external flooring.






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