I NATURALI – Calacatta Oro Venato

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A new way of envisaging, designing and experiencing the home and spaces for work and leisure, embracing a passion for beauty and refinement without compromising on technical performance. This sums up Laminam’s mission and, more specifically, the promise embodied by the Calacatta Oro Venato slab, the marble-inspired ceramic surface that forms part of the colour range of the I Naturali series.

Its ivory-coloured background is criss-crossed by prominent veining ranging in colour from gold to shades of brown and grey. The variety and irregularity of the veining decorating the textures is varied and irregular, differing in intensity and length, so that the pattern resulting from the positioning of the slabs is always different. Ideal for decorating floors, walls and furniture with sophisticated style, Calacatta Oro Venato is available in two large sizes (1000×3000 mm and 1620×3240 mm) and various thicknesses that may be 3/3+ 5/5+, 12+ or 20+ mm depending on the finish. In addition, the R9 anti-slip finish offers protection against slipperiness, making this surface suitable for exterior surfaces exposed to the elements or to water.

The Calacatta Oro Venato Laminam surface oozes with elegance, with its subtle veining in varying hues ranging from pale to soft grey. The distinct style and luxurious aesthetics make it a highly appealing option for decorating furniture pieces, especially kitchen worktops, bathroom vanities, sinks, washrooms and floor or tiling.

Laminam Calacatta Oro Venato is a sintered non-porous stone featuring a creamy background with noticeable veins intersecting the surface, which range between lovely shades of golden, brown and grey. It features the same versatility and strength as the rest of our Laminam range, lending itself to a broad range of applications, thanks to its superb versatility and technical properties.

The stone faithfully encapsulates Laminam’s key objective and commitment – it offers homeowners and architects a fresh way of seeing, planning and enjoying spaces, be it in a home or office setting. Calacatta Oro Venato Laminam easily incorporates a desire for delicacy and elegance but without sacrificing any technical performance whatsoever.




Green, White


Ceramics & Porcelain

Slab Size

1000x3000mm, 1620x3240mm

Available Finishes

Natural, Polished, Soft Touch