I NATURALI – Arabescato

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Aided by the intrinsic strength of natural the surface of Arabescato reproduces the elegance of a highly prized variety of marble. Its prominent dark grey veining stands out on the distinctive crystalline white of the background, forming circular patterns. The result is a new canon of beauty and distinction, expressed on ceramic slabs in large 1000×3000 mm and 1620×3240 mm sizes and in three finishes: Natural, Polished and Bocciardato.

Part of the I Naturali series, Arabescato is suitable for a wide range of uses, whether modern or classic in feel, thanks to the multitude of patterns offering a different look every time. Its versatility also makes it the ideal solution for cladding, flooring and the surfaces of furniture such as kitchen countertops, table tops or bathroom furniture as well as cladding for doors and stairs. It can also be used for exterior façades. The Natural and Bocciardato finishes boast R9 and R10 ratings respectively, while there are two options of reduced thickness available: Laminam 5 or Laminam 12+.




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Bocciardato, Natural, Polished

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