I NATURALI – Basalto Vena Scura

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Basalto Vena Scura is a shade whose simplicity and richness of colour forms part of the ceramic I Naturali series, a series which offers surfaces inspired by a classic canon of beauty that not even the passing of the centuries has been able to obscure. In the Natural finish and the large 1000×3000 mm size, Basalto Vena Scura offers endless possibilities for reinventing and redefining spaces, lending each one the bold dynamic personality of stone.

In addition, the Laminam 3/3+ minimum thickness facilitates its installation as cladding even to great heights, and guarantees outstanding technical performance for resistance to stains, scratches, impacts and abrasions, thermal shock and UV rays. As a result there are no limits on its application of use: interiors or exteriors, cladding or furniture are the natural home of this shade which has the effect of bestowing a highly unique look wherever it is applied. Its versatility of use also offers inspiration for fresh and original design applications. This allows anyone to become the architect of their own spaces for living and working, spaces designed with beauty, modernity, and above all, sustainability in mind, conscious of protecting the environment as well as people.






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