I NATURALI – Cristallo Lucidato

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Cristallo Lucidato, designed specifically with interior design in mind, and for kitchen countertops in particular, is part of the I Naturali series. It was created to offer the beauty and refinement of natural quartzite in combination with the superior performance of Laminam surfaces, with their intrinsic antibacterial properties and resistance to stains, scratches and abrasions.

The ongoing efforts of the Research & Development department coupled with the company’s technologically advanced tools mean that the 1620×3240 mm large size slabs faithfully reproduce this highly complex natural pattern, a typical trigonal crystalline structure that gives the natural material its three-dimensional appearance. This is achieved through the use of brand-new 3D scanning technology at a resolution of 1000 dpi, which can pick up even the most minute detail of the natural slab. Cristallo Lucidato was developed from the Bianco Assoluto mix, whose whiteness is colorimetrically identical to natural quartz, which has an extremely high white point. Only available in the Polished finish, it comes in the small size of Laminam 12+.






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