I NATURALI – Pietra di Savoia Perla Bocciardata

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The inevitable elegance of the stone-effect Pietra di Savoia Perla Bocciardata series recalls soft, natural textures, inviting to the touch. Inspired by pearly white hues, this ceramic range with structured finish is a tribute to the I Naturali series, which combines the unique beauty of naturally occurring elements with the practicality offered by the technological excellence of Laminam.

The material inspiration of Pietra di Savoia Perla Bocciardata results from a desire to offer a solution capable of offering high performance in furnishing projects, combined with the characteristic material qualities and nuances of natural stone, without neglecting the practical demands of its use, such as for kitchen work surfaces or bathroom countertops. Available in a range of finishes and sizes, Pietra di Savoia Perla Bocciardata achieves the ultimate in aesthetic continuity when used in architectural projects aimed at catching and captivating the eye, maintaining the same cladding and flooring indoor and out, by the use of large size slabs. The choices range from size 1000×3000 mm in Laminam 3/3+ thickness and Laminam 5 thickness, to size 1620×1620 mm in Laminam 5+ thickness, in addition to the large 1620×3240 mm slabs in Laminam 5/5+, Laminam 12+ e Laminam 20+ thicknesses. Pietra di Savoia Perla Bocciardata is particularly well-suited to outdoor applications, thanks to its R10 anti-slip rating, further expanding its range of use to include residential and commercial settings exposed to water.

Pietra di Savoia Perla is undeniably one of the most exclusive marble designs from the entire Laminam collection, dominated by sophisticated light grey tones and mild-coloured veined patterns.

Laminam Pietra di Savoia Perla has been very popular over the years in a number of places, including households and public settings such as hotels. Excellent results can be had even when you use it on external walls as the finely described patterns along with a very appealing design can serve both as a supporting surface and as a centrepiece.

Our Pietra di Savoia Perla Laminam boasts superb durability, appealing aesthetics and downright impeccable finishing, making the bespoke natural stone just as suitable for kitchen worktops and bathroom tiling as it is for creating a timeless focal point in any room.

The best of Italian design and manufacturing combined with high-quality materials is, perhaps, the best way to describe Laminam Pietra di Savoia Perla – a modern way for decorating homes and offices through the nuances of natural stone. Loved and used widely by architects who want to instantly catch and captivate the eye, Pietra di Savoia Perla Laminam is very well-suited to outdoor uses, thanks to the R10 anti-slip specification.




Grey, White


Ceramics & Porcelain

Slab Size

1000x3000mm, 1620x3240mm

Available Finishes