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Planet Interstellar Cloud features a uniform white background coupled with fine-grain texture and long grey veins running across it in three unique shades. Look closely, and you’ll find that Planet Interstellar Cloud quartzform seems to emit its own light, emanating energy that reaches out to practically every place it is reflected. The delicate veins gives us a heightened sense of space, making each slab shimmer in a very positive and confident way.

Quartzform Planet Interstellar Cloud’s vibrant, expressive and imperceptible veining accentuates surfaces with ease, giving them defined contours, and reflecting ambient light in a way that expands our sense of space.

Our entire Planet Collection features pure quartz with UV-stabilised colour pigments and structural polyester resin. Planet Interstellar Cloud’s uniform white background, long grey veins available in three shades, and fine grain, easily expand any modern kitchen or bathroom, giving it a beautiful extra-terrestrial landscape.

The subtle veining enlarges our perception of space, reflecting ambient light in a way that gives surfaces distinct shapes, all of which are colourful, expressive and an eyeful.




Grey, White



Slab Size

320×164 cm (126″ x 64.5″)

Available Finishes

MATE, Polished