White Arabesque

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The two tones of white and grey, complemented by a dark grey vein, give this colour a bold, marbled effect.

Featuring colour tones of white and grey which are complemented by a dark grey vein, White Arabesque Jumbo Silestone effortlessly gives off a marble-like effect based on the revered Brazilian marble. It’s a very hard-wearing surface, easy to maintain, and does not require any sealants or coatings during installation – making it a far more convenient worktop than actual marble.

Silestone White Arabesque Jumbo will go along beautifully with colours like black, white, grey and cream, so it’s more than ideal for both modern and traditional kitchen styles.

White Arabesque Jumbo slabs are known for being highly resistant to heat and cold while also being non-porous, easily resisting all kinds of acidic spills. Each slab features a very unique aesthetic, with a wide range of colours, making the White Arabesque Jumbo Silestone range incredibly versatile.

Much like the rest of Silestone’s range, White Arabesque Jumbo is also available in refreshingly different finishes – volcanic, suede and polished finishing textures which dance about on the surface to give a unique feel and impression to your kitchen spaces.




Grey, White



Slab Size

1.2cm 2cm 3cm

Available Finishes

Polished, Suede