FILO – Brina

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Filo is the gem line that Laminam proposes to embellish the interior and exterior spaces of design projects. Designed to amaze, it consists of six different shades inspired by the metals and shiny elements that nature provides us with. In particular, Brina – frost – is the lightest tone in the series, recalling the cold, streaked white of the atmospheric precipitation of the same Italian name. Three-dimensional and iridescent, this surface is based on the image of an interwoven thread that repeats itself endlessly.

Floorings, claddings and furnishing design elements such as tables, kitchen tops and furniture are thus given a refined metallic skin, which fills spaces with a touch of uniqueness and charm. It comes only in the large 1000×3000 mm size; Filo Brina demonstrates its most technical performance in the reduced Laminam 3/3+ size. Thanks to the advanced technologies used to produce it, the Filo Brina slab – like the other Laminam surfaces – combines reduced thickness and large dimensions with high resistance to mechanical stress, chemicals, wear, scratches and deep abrasion. It is also frost and UV resistant. All these features make it suitable for, among other things, external façade applications.






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