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The Oxide Bianco collection captures a snapshot of passing time on the ceramic surface. The textural effect that characterises the Oxide Bianco collection is that of metal oxidation, with a colour palette of glacial tones and light shades tending towards light grey. Available with a Natural surface finish, Oxide Bianco reproduces the beauty of ceramics and the metal effect in large 1000×3000 mm slabs, which are particularly suitable for design applications that seek visual continuity and a modern look for the places they furnish.

Laminam 3/3+ and Laminam 5 reduced thicknesses broaden the range of applications: the key word is “ductility”, from the exterior cladding of large surfaces to interior furnishing, the Oxide Bianco ceramic slab is a highly impacting total-look solution. The R9 anti-slip coefficient completes the proposal and further expands the design possibilities, making Oxide Bianco also ideal for flooring and cladding applications in residential and commercial interiors and exteriors that are particularly exposed to water. Slabs from the Oxide Bianco collection can also be treated with the Ambience bioactive treatment, the latest generation of Laminam technology based on titanium dioxide, which transforms pollutants (VOC, NOx, SOx) present in the air and water into harmless elements.






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