4600 Organic White

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Organic White by Caesarstone is a lovely clean white tone featuring subtle organic undertones. If you look closely, you’ll see that it uses the latest colour combining techniques to create a prominent white surface which boasts multiple tones – all of which effortlessly blend to create a very natural and heart-warming appearance.

Organic White Caesarstone is guaranteed to add contemporary flair and soul-pleasing brightness to your kitchen and bathroom surfaces, making your worktops look brilliantly sophisticated and versatile. As the name implies, Organic White’s focal shade is crisp white, which is topped with very subtle sections of darker undertones to add an extra layer of dimension.

Organic White can easily ‘open up’ any room, creating a very welcoming atmosphere throughout. Even better, its highly robust structure offers superb longevity which you simply won’t come across in a white plastic tone. Organic White is carefully crafted using a special blend of highly resilient pigments, resins and quartz, making it very hard wearing but without compromising style.







Slab Size

1440 mm x 3040, 1640 mm x 3240

Available Finishes