Arctic Shimmer

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Arctic Shimmer is a cool white with a touch of silver sparkle to give a little something extra to your kitchen.

Inspired by falling flakes of frost, this pristine worksurface will transform and open up any space and will look stunning no matter the style of kitchen.

Arctic Shimmer features a cool white background with just a touch of silver sparkle, giving your kitchens a little something extra. Inspired by falling frost flakes, Arctic Shimmer CRL Quartz is a pristine worktop that can beautifully open up and transform any space, making your kitchen’s aesthetics stand out no matter what style it is.

CRL Quartz Arctic Shimmer, with its uniform dusty sparkle, can add a touch of glamour to any kitchen or bathroom. Even after years and decades of use, it looks practically as good as new, thanks to its ease of maintenance and high durability.

Simplistic and versatile in nature, Arctic Shimmer is a masterpiece in the true sense – the minimalist style is sure to please any homeowner or architect. The neutral white base topped with intricately subtle speckling gives off a shimmering illusion, both from a distance and up close, captivating the viewer and making an understated but immediately noticeable style statement.

CRL Quartz Arctic Shimmer harmoniously blends in with kitchens and bathrooms of practically any style. The unmatched toughness, resilience, water resistance, scratch resistance and durability means it can be used in anything from worktops to shower walls, and more.


CRL Stone


Silver, White



Slab Size

1600 x 3200 mm

Available Finishes