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Compac Luna’s white surface has an impressive 93% quartz against a flat white background with crystal speckles and micro-dots spread out evenly across the slab. The design comes together to form a seamless ice-like pattern, especially the further away you step from it, providing a very natural and eye-pleasing look to interior spaces, particularly kitchens.

Compac’s Luna quartz is one of the most affordable branded worktops today, and also happens to be among the hardest countertop stones, coming in at a mineral hardness rating of 7/10 on Moh’s scale.

The versatile surface is just as useful for kitchens and bathrooms as it is for dining & living rooms as well as furniture. Use it on the shower enclosure and wall cladding in your bathroom, or the countertops, kitchen island and table tops in your kitchen or the feature walls, columns, and bar countertops in your living and dining room – Luna Compac’s versatility makes it overall one of the best quartz stones to use in a home improvement on new build project.

Luna’s 93.95% percent pure quartz mineral content, 1% pigment and 5.7% polymer agglomerate composition means that it offers superb performance as a worktop, being able to easily resist all levels of abrasion and scratches.







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