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Laminam’s Oxide collection is based on the study of metal subjected to atmospheric agents to “capture” a particular moment of the oxidation process on ceramic. Oxide Avorio, available in the 1000×3000 mm size, replicates the effect of oxidised metal with shades of white and light hazelnut, which go well with modern environments as furnishing design elements, while maintaining an elegant allure even for metal flooring and cladding applications.

The Oxide Avorio line is available in five shades: each of them is striking for its chromatic intensity and versatility of use. The reduced thicknesses of Laminam 3/3+ and Laminam 5 further extend the range of applications: from exterior metal cladding for large surfaces, to metal furnishing design elements such as worktops, wings and kitchen tops. The Oxide Avorio slab is a total-look solution with great visual impact. The collection is available with a Natural surface finish and R9 anti-slip coefficient for outdoor or indoor applications in areas exposed to water. Slabs from the Oxide Avorio collection can be coated with the Ambience bioactive treatment, the latest generation of Laminam technology for eco-design projects, based on titanium dioxide. When in contact with natural or artificial light, Ambience triggers a process of photocatalysis which transforms pollutants in the air and water into harmless elements.






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