Quartz Reflection

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Make a statement in your kitchen with this sophisticated Quartz Reflection worksurface. Its bright colour creates a feeling of space in even the most compact of areas.

The mirror chip set in this white surface draws the eye as light dances across it giving a wow factor to any room.

Combine Quartz Reflection with on-trend shades of grey to guarantee a sense of glamour and style in any kitchen.

CRL Quart Grey Reflections or simply “CRL Quartz Reflections” is an alluring and timeless grey shade featuring a distinctive mirror that’s meant to easily add a little extra sparkle to any design. Grey Reflections’ surface is known to be very versatile, combining quite effortlessly with a broad range of materials, colours and finishes in kitchens.

CRL Quartz Reflections is also a stain, scratch and heat resistant surface, so no matter what kind of intended use you have in mind, it will live up to it quite famously. Making a bold statement in your kitchen is so easy with this beautifully sophisticated Quartz Reflection worktop – the bright shade makes your kitchen feel more open even if it is in a relatively compact area.

The mirror chip set in the bright surface lures the eye as light majestically dances across it, bringing extra shine and positive energy to any room. Combine CRL Quartz Reflections with the trendy shades of grey to add an extra layer of style and glamour to your kitchen.


CRL Stone





Slab Size

1600 x 3200 mm

Available Finishes