I NATURALI – Travertino Avorio

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History and nature are the inspiration for Travertino Avorio, a product in the Laminam I Naturali series which pays homage to the stones of classic Italian architecture. Quarried in the Sienese area of Italy as far back as Etruscan times, the distinctive style of Travertino Avorio can also be used in modern spaces both indoors and out.

Laminam’s pursuit of sophisticated aesthetics and technical perfection allows it to offer an endless variety of solutions from a material and sensory point of view, using Travertino Avorio as flooring and wall cladding with a visually striking stone effect. With this in mind, the Natural finish of the Travertino Avorio stone cladding is where its textured material effect finds its rightful place. Available in the slim Laminam 3/3+ thickness and the 1000×3000 mm size, the delicate colour of Travertino Avorio evokes a natural palette of yellows and beiges, making it a particularly elegant choice for residential or commercial settings as flooring or walls and façades.




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