Stone Masters – Should I use marble or quartzite for my kitchen worktop?

Posted by Ocean Hsish

The kitchen worktop is the most used part of a kitchen. It is where we pick up materials, weigh them and even cut them. Here, we weigh up whether you should have marble or quartzite for your kitchen worktop. Hopefully after reading this you can make an informed decision.

Marble Kitchen Worktops

Marble is quarried from the earth, formed from silt, animal bones, shells and plant matter, this takes numerous years to form. Marble is a very affordable material for a kitchen top and is considered very fashionable amongst our customers.

Some benefits of a marble kitchen worktop include:

  • Heat Resistance – Marble is immune to heat, this works well in a kitchen where we have to deal with hot pans, ovens etc.
  • Scratch and Crack Resistant – You can put as much pressure as you want on a marble surface as it won’t break, this is due to marble being a natural stone.
  • Durability – Marble kitchen worktops can with stand being used on a regular basis so they won’t need replacing for a long period of time.
  • Easy to shape and cut – The softness of marble makes it easier to make fashionable designs and lowers the risk of any chipping

However, it is important to note that marble can be prone to etching when affected by citrus fruits/drinks or vinegar.

Quartzite Kitchen Worktops

Quartzite is a rock that’s made from 100% quartz sandstone and is put through a natural process called metamorphism. The difference between quartz and quartzite is that quartz is made man made and quartzite is natural.

Some benefits of a quartzite kitchen worktop include:

  • Cheaper – Quartzite is a lot cheaper to install compared to marble and it also has a very similar a appearance.
  • Luxurious Appearance – Quartzite adds a very fashionable look to your kitchen.
  • Heat Resistance – Similar to marble, quartzite does not show any negative reaction towards hot temperatures.
  • Scratch and Crack Resistant – Again, similar to marble, quartzite can withstand high pressures so you don’t need to worry about any scratches or cracks.

On the other hand, quartzite will require sealing every other year which incur additional costs. Like marble, quartzite is also sensitive to acidic substances such as citrus fruits and vinegar.

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