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Posted by Ocean Hsish

Italian Marble
What’s in a name?

Following my fourth trip to Italy this year to purchase white marble, I wanted to clarify the differences between Statuario, Calacatta, Arabescato, Carrara C, Carrara C/D……….etc.

What a minefield of names to describe stone that come from the same mountains but with marginally different characteristics.

Calacatta: Similar but busier veining than Statuario. Often thicker veins. White but creamier coloured background

Arabescato: harsher dark veins spread spider like profusely spread over the white back ground slab. Sometimes green tints can be seen in the veins

Statuarietto: a spidery veined slab against a whiter background than Carrara. Very defined veins

Carrara: normally classified as C or C/D quality. The whiter it is, the lower the price. Black splatters as opposed to distinct veins, with a grey white background

The pricing of these stones is extremely varied based on the current availability of blocks in Italy and current fashions. The price of top quality Statuario for example is akin to gold!

Stone Masters has been undertaking large projects in Italian White marble for the last 10 years and we feel that we have finally broken through the wild west style of buying Italian white marble. 2022 is our 25th successful year supplying stone to London. This milestone was reached by solving problems for our customers and consistency of service.

Stone worktops and paneling tend to be finishing trades which hold up completion for our customers. We are sensitive to this and are fully equipped to handle aggressive manufacturing and installation programmes.

Proud of our past but focused on the future

A quick look at our portfolio page on our website will show you our stone can be found anywhere from the House of Lords to Wembley Stadium. My personal favourite, being a big tennis fan, is the Champions Lounge at Wimbledon Tennis Club. We have been adding to our machinery and personnel infrastructure, looking to take on more projects.

We see a massive uptake of Dekton, Neolith and Lapitec in the surfaces market. Our waterjet machine keeps us totally ready for this change.

The rest of our machinery is also top of the line and ready to be pushed for greater production.

Automated machining Our London factory has 2 CNC machines, 2 automated cutting saws, a polishing line and of course our new waterjet machine.

Let us quote you on your next project and see how competitive we can be.

25 Years of experience
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