Stone Masters – What are the most heat resistant materials for my kitchen?

Posted by Ocean Hsish

When attempting to design a new kitchen it is pivotal that our materials are heat resistant, considering all the cooking and other activities going on. Ideally when planning for a new kitchen, you would like quality materials that last a long time as well as many other properties.

Here we have put together a list of materials to help you make an informed decision on what material is best for your kitchen.


Granite, kitchen countertops

Granite is one of the best heat resistant materials to use in the kitchen. Granite is an igneous rock which is formed from volcano heat. Considering the amount of heat granite has experienced you can imagine that no heat in the kitchen is likely to have an effect on it. It’s important to still be careful though because granite can get very hot so you don’t want to experience injury or cause damage to any other equipment.

One downside of granite is the fact that it needs to be maintained and sealed, this can be time consuming and it may be more beneficial, if you’re relatively busy, to explore another material. Granite is also considered quite expensive and it’s known to be a choice for people living in wealthy homes.


Quartz is one of the strongest materials for kitchen worktops and is incredible at withstanding high temperatures. However it’s important to note that despite quartz having strong heat resistance they can still be damaged by hot temperatures. Quartz has many other useful properties such as being non-porous meaning spillage won’t be a major issue. Quartz are also scratch resistance so you don’t need to worry about the material being unable to withstand heavy pressure. Quartz is much easier to maintain compared to granite as it doesn’t require any sealing.


Neolith is a combination of the elements granite, silica and glass to make an incredibly durable material. Neolith is perfect for outdoor weather, this is because as well as being heat resistant, it can also cope in cold weather environments without any damage.

Neolith’s scratch-resistant and non-porous properties means that it’s condition is perfect for daily kitchen activities. If you want to alter the look, you can simply add a layer onto the existing surface, this can help you save time and money. Here at Stone Masters we can offer you large range of neolith shades and patterns.


Dekton is a new material in the market, being introduced as of 2013. Dekton is an incredibly durable material, perfect for a kitchen experiencing large amounts of pressure. It also has compact properties meaning that the occurrence of spillage won’t be an issue.

Dekton has both heat-resistant and abrasion-resistant properties. This enables you to place pots and pans onto your surface without the fear of any scratches or damage. One property that dekton has that’s incredibly unique is it’s UV resistance. This means that it is perfect for any outside kitchens.


Terrazzo’s heat resistance is very similar to granite, this means that no amount of heat in the kitchen will have a large effect on it. Terrazzo cools down very quickly meaning you can place a hot saucepan or tray on their at zero risk. However it’s important to note that this also means during cold weather the material is likely to also be quite cold as it struggles to retain heat.

Terrazzo contains marble and limestone and can also be applied for homes. Here at Stone Masters we can offer you large range of Terrazzo shades and patterns.

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