IN-SIDE – Terra di Matera

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Terra di Matera recalls the textural and visual suggestions of the Lucanian land. The surface is filled with the smell of warm air, the brightness of the land, the typically Mediterranean hues of dawn, which at sunset seem to blend into the sky. The texture is reminiscent of warm beige, luminous white and the movement of light and shadow reflected on the earth, an unmistakable chromatic atlas which characterises the hilly area of the city. With Terra di Matera, Laminam proposes warm textures for flooring and cladding that can also be perfectly matched to the inspirations of the IN-SIDE range, which includes an avant-garde technology for processing the ceramic material that establishes total body and surface continuity, making the back side of the slab the protagonist as well. Terra di Matera finds its maximum aesthetic expression in the Natural or Fiammato Textured surface finish, expressing the tactile inspiration from which it originates and impressing on the slab the effect of weathered earth. Available in the large sizes 1620×3240 mm with a thickness of Laminam 12+ or in the 1200×3000 mm size with a thickness of Laminam 5/5+, Terra di Matera suits wide-ranging projects with a total-look effect that can be applied to horizontal or vertical surfaces or as furnishing elements.






Ceramics & Porcelain

Slab Size

1200x3000mm, 1640 mm x 3240

Available Finishes

Fiammato, Natural