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The most enigmatic and distant of planets, Pluto, represents rebirth. Planet Pluto Quartzforms is no different – a slab which boasts decorative elegance and ‘out of this world’ personality, criss-crossed by a beautiful subtle texture of thin veining. The end result is a Quartzform that looks tactile, dense and deep. Use it for bathroom and kitchen counters, or use it for facing and flooring – either way, Quartzforms Planet Pluto will help you add unique and timeless elegance to any interior.

Planet Pluto is made up of a deep, pure black backdrop with fine white veins running across the surface, which almost look like chalk. This gorgeous black marble effect Quartzform worktop can be used to decorate worktops and countertops, as well as walls and furniture, just to name a few.

Planet Pluto Quartzforms are unique in the sense that they feature a sleek vein against a matte or polished surface, creating an ‘other-worldly’ marble effect to make your kitchen and bathroom worktops almost jump up and out at the viewer.

The high-quality non-absorbent surface offers a very modern seamless style which is more than suitable for both open-plan and more prominent areas. In fact, why not create splashbacks with Quartzforms Planet Pluto that seamlessly cover your walls or a kitchen island without any visible seams whatsoever?




Black, White



Slab Size

320×164 cm (126″ x 64.5″)

Available Finishes

MATE, Polished