Miami Vena

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Neutral design in light, veined tones on a pure white base.

Miami Vena Jumbo Silestone is a high-quality quarts worktop created solely to decorate and adorn modern kitchens and bathrooms with a range of beautiful quartz colour tones and textures coupled with top-notch performance. It is among the select few in Silestone’s range that has anti-bacterial properties, guaranteeing maximum hygiene for your bathrooms and kitchen worktops.

Miami Vena Jumbo is made up of an impressive 94% natural quartz, making it a highly resilient and amazingly hard stone. Offering best-in-class anti-bacterial protection, it acts as the perfect surface for bathrooms, kitchen worktops, wall cladding and floors, requiring minimal joints, thanks to the “Jumbo” sized slabs.

Silestone products are known to add incredible mechanical properties to surfaces; Silestone Miami Vena Jumbo is no different as it is highly resistant to extreme temperatures. It’s also non-porous which means no sealants are required during installation. As a result, cleaning and maintenance is super-easy too.

Miami Vena Jumbo slabs are available in 3200 x 1580mm dimensions although smaller slabs are also available with us.







Slab Size

1.2cm 2cm 3cm

Available Finishes

Polished, Suede