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The lovely and luminous background in ocean lagoon quartzforms is enhanced by a very impressive pattern of fine green-grey veins, which recalls classic style marbles, but with a contemporary decorative twist. Like all Quartzforms, Ocean Lagoon can be used to clag floors, walls and worktops, bringing elegance, uniqueness and luminosity almost effortlessly to any space in your home.

The inspiration for ocean lagoon is drawn from the near-unlimited expanses of the ocean, complete with the mesmerising sound of waves and the depth of the abyss. Quartzforms Ocean Lagoon offers a refreshingly welcoming hue, with a very profound and moderate coloured backdrop. This works to an excellent effect, particularly in minimalistic spaces where you want to instigate a little drama, such as traditional kitchens that can benefit from modern aesthetics.

The marble-effect quartz worktop does not require any of the maintenance that natural marble does, and it is surprisingly robust, even much more so than actual marble. Ocean Lagoon Quartzforms are also easy to clean, very resilient, and can energise nearly any space with little effort.




Brown, Green, White



Slab Size

320×164 cm (126″ x 64.5″)

Available Finishes

MATE, Polished