Et Calacatta Gold

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A colour made up of a white background through which elegant, wide grey highlights are interspersed with unexpected golden glints. Eternal Calacatta Gold, with its eternal, distinguished appearance, pays homage to a marble which has been held in high esteem since ancient times.

Strikingly stunning by design, Calacatta Gold Jumbo Silestone boasts sweeping veins which stand out prominently against the solid white background. It’s both balanced and bold, adding a lot of confidence and positive energy to any space.

Since coming into the limelight, Silestone has set huge trends in its market, namely transforming how architects perceive and implement kitchen countertop designs. Calacatta Gold Jumbo too is a hybrid of premium materials, recycled materials and quartz, much like the other Silestone slabs, bringing life-injecting colour and textures to indoor spaces. Thanks to the HybriQ + technology, it is highly resistant to stains and scratches, requiring minimal maintenance.

Silestone’s Calacatta Gold Jumbo may look a bit basic at first but if you look deeper, elegant wide grey highlights disperse throughout the white background with surprising and subtle golden glints. It has an eternal and distinguished appearance which you will likely not find in other Silestone slabs. Calacatta Gold Jumbo faithfully pays homage to a marble stone that has been held in very high regard since the advent of ancient civilisations.







Slab Size

1.2cm 2cm 3cm

Available Finishes

Polished, Suede