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Noce is a classic that the Legno Venezia collection suggests reproducing the effect of the “briccole”, the famous stakes emerging from the waters of the Venetian lagoon. With Noce you will really feel as if you are standing in front of one of these symbols of the Republic of Venice, surrounded by water that makes it shine. A colour that represents the starting point of a series aiming to convey elegance and cosiness.

A nuance that, in its simplicity, is offered in a single size, the more classic 1000×3000 mm , but with three different thicknesses according to laying requirements. The Natural finish enhances the wood veins obtained through careful analysis of the material that Laminam has managed to reproduce through a painstaking research. The Noce colour allows for a variety of colour and textural combinations, stimulating creativity for new stylistic results. A practical and functional solution rooted in a glorious history. The Legno Venezia range is particularly suitable for interior cladding and furnishing design elements, but not only. Outdoor applications are also possible thanks to the R10 anti-slip finish of the slabs.






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