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Rem is inspired by one of the most elegant white marbles on the market: its intricate design, with brown and grey veining and hints of gold, reflects the traditional and almost linear structure of Calacatta Lincoln itself. One of the greatest technological innovations of this year is the synchronicity achieved between veining and grain. We value Rem for its fine veining under a subtle grain, which offers the ultimate in natural sensitivity.

Dekton Rem borrows its inspiration from one of the most beautiful and elegant white marbles available today: the intricate design featuring grey and brown veining and subtle hints of gold truly reflects the almost linear and traditional structure of Calacatta Lincoln marble. It’s been one of Dekton’s greatest technological innovations as of late, celebrating the ‘marriage’ between grain and veining. Most architects, homeowners and DIY’ers appreciate Rem Dekton for its fine veining engraved against a subtle grain, offering the best in natural design contrast and sensitivity.

Rem is a part of Dekton’s Natural Collection, something which reflects the manufacturer’s desire to emulate and encapsulate nature in the best way possible. Unsurprisingly, Dekton Rem slabs feature natural beauty in the purest sense possible, outlined by geological intervention ranging back to millions of years, which is evident in the delicate veins and evocation of stones.

Rem’s ultra-compact surface is a technological marvel composed of quarts, glass and porcelain – its unmatched versatility and high strength is ideal for both domestic applications and large commercial-scale projects.

Rem Dekton is also a non-porous surface, so if you plan to use it in your kitchen, you’ll never to worry about stains from lemon juice, coffee, vinegar, wine or any acidic spills. It’s also highly scratch resistant and offers impressive resistance to very high temperatures as well – without ever compromising its unmistakable aesthetics or leading-class performance properties.




Brown, Grey, White


Ceramics & Porcelain

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