FILO – Ghisa

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The soft, familiar dark colour of Ghisa adds character to the surfaces of Filo, one of Laminam’s historic collections, representing the translation of a gem into ceramic material. In an interplay of light and three-dimensionality, Filo Ghisa is suitable for embellishing interior walls as well as large outdoor surfaces, because its preciousness, style and elegance look good on everything.

Conceived as an interwoven thread repeated endlessly, its surface surprises both the eye and the touch: on the one hand, the charm of the metallic look is added to by the multi-faceted nature of the play of light, providing ever-changing visual perspectives, while on the other, the three-dimensionality resulting from the application of special metal oxides in relief offers an unusual tactile experience. Available in the 1000×3000 mm size, in the Natural finish and in the reduced thickness Laminam 3/3+, Filo Ghisa fits perfectly into Laminam’s production philosophy, where each surface is designed to inspire designers and architects, define trends in elegance and quality and use the most advanced technologies to create timeless products, exceptional performance and sustainable processes.






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