I NATURALI – Travertino Romano Bocciardato

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Travertino Romano Bocciardato encapsulates the long history of Italian architecture and the power of natural stone. Used for stunning works of architecture, from the Colosseum to the Trevi Fountain, Travertino Romano Bocciardato expresses its aesthetic value in the restraint, elegance and purity of its ivory and cream hues, and its versatility in a natural resistance to impact and the endless possible applications of Laminam surfaces.

Travertino Romano evokes a sense of distinguished and balanced luxury, accentuated by the Bocciardato surface finish, which suggests the feel of natural stone in all its irregular roughness. Laminam’s style is expressed through the tactile sensations of its slabs, whether installed on walls or as exterior stone cladding in the outdoor version, thanks to the availability of the R10 anti-slip finish. Travertino Romano Bocciardato, an integral part of the I Naturali series, inspired by the magnificence of the raw materials that nature has to offer, is available in large slabs in size 1000×3000 mm, in Laminam 5 thickness.






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