2141 Snow

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Caesarstone Snow is distinct from the other quartz tops as the white base colour coupled with crystallised speckling truly stand out on its own. It’s a remarkably chic option which can easily brighten up a number of spaces in your home or office, including bathrooms and kitchens.

‘Versatility’ is the keyword here when we talk about Snow Caesarstone, for it can complement a very broad range of colour schemes and interior décor styles, helping to create downright stunning bathroom surfaces and kitchen worktops, for instance, without forcing you to change the rest of the room’s aesthetics.

The robust nature of Caesarstone Snow or simply “Snow” is a truly marvel and triumph in the purest way imaginable. It’s resistant to many kinds of abrasion, such as deep scratches and can easily maintain its brand-new and ultra-sleek physical characteristics over the course of time with very little maintenance. Snow Caesarstone can indeed make a stunning and sturdy addition to your interiors.




Grey, White



Slab Size

1440 mm x 3040, 1640 mm x 3240

Available Finishes