4033 Rugged Concrete

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Caesarstone Rugged Concrete is both bold and eye-catching – a beautiful quartz worktop that can effortlessly make a prominent statement in virtually any bathroom or kitchen.

The distinctly contemporary design in Rugged Concrete Caesarstone features a deep grey base topped off with multiple lighter grey and white hues to create an unmistakable textured illusion. Very bold and stylish in nature, Rugged Concrete may initially come off as chic, but this doesn’t mean that you have to forego durability or quality. The premium blend of resins, natural quartz and pigments ensures that the worktop offers a highly robust structure which will last you decades.

Caesarstone Rugged Concrete can easily complement a broad range of existing colour schemes and decors in your home, thanks to the alluring dark grey blended throughout with subtle shades of grey to make for a very natural-looking freckled-style quartz. You might use Rugged Concrete surfaces as a centrepiece or as a complimentary colour – the matt finish provides a rather intricate yet industrial aesthetic that can blend in easily with any modern interior.







Slab Size

1440 mm x 3040, 1640 mm x 3240

Available Finishes

Rough concrete