OXIDE – Perla

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The Oxide collection in the Perla shade envelops rooms with its soft and delicate silver-grey colour palette, which enhances floorings and claddings, as well as furnishing design elements. This collection of slabs is available in the 1000×3000 mm large size and comes from thorough decorative and stylistic research to reproduce the effect of oxidised metal, using natural pigments that transmit the metallic effect.

The Laminam 3/3+ reduced thicknesses, available with a Natural surface finish, make the range of applications extremely wide: the Oxide Perla collection lends itself as a decorative element in interior design or for laying on large exterior or interior surfaces, a highly-impacting solution suitable for total-look. Slabs from the Oxide Perla collection can be coated with the Ambience bioactive treatment, the latest generation of Laminam technology for eco-design projects, based on titanium dioxide. When in contact with natural or artificial light, Ambience triggers a process of photocatalysis, which transforms pollutants in the air and water (VOC, NOx, SOx) into harmless elements.




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