Snowy Ibiza

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This exclusive white tone with subtle, light-grey veins shows that even the purest snow hides secrets underneath.

Snowy Ibiza Jumbo combines Carrara marble’s traditional elegance with modern simplicity, working brilliantly with nearly all kitchen and cabinetry colours. The white quartz surface comprises 93% natural quartz, making it a highly resilient and durable slab. It is also among Silestone’s select quartz surfaces that has integrated anti-bacterial protection, so it’s is excellent for not only domestic kitchen worktops but also healthcare and food preparation facilities.

From bathrooms, kitchen worktops and floors to wall cladding and commercial health and food production facilities, Silestone Snowy Ibiza Jumbo is an excellent surface which requires minimal joints, making installation quick and hassle-free.

Snowy Ibiza Jumbo Silestone is one of the top quartz worktop brands today, with the white quartz surface available in both suede and polished finishes. While the latter offers a lovely glossy surface that can easily resist stains and scratches and complements nearly any design idea – the latter is a silky matte finish which blends in beautifully with industrial-styled kitchens to give your spaces a more natural concrete look or natural stone feel.

Silestone Snowy Ibiza Jumbo is also highly resistant to bacteria, extreme temperatures, and requires minimal maintenance. It’s very easy to clean as well and does not require the use of sealants during installation.

Snowy Ibiza Jumbo slabs can be ordered in 3200 x 1580mm dimensions or standard sizes, depending on your project.




Grey, White



Slab Size

1.2cm 2cm 3cm

Available Finishes

Polished, Suede