I NATURALI – Pietra di Savoia Avorio Bocciardata

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Of the shades in the I Naturali series, Pietra di Savoia Avorio Bocciardata is the colour that best expresses lightness and versatility of use. Its delicate ivory hues make it extremely versatile, a quality which broadens the application possibilities for the ceramic slab to include a variety of different architectural styles and indoor and outdoor settings, resulting in an elegant element of furnishing.

Available in the 1000×3000 mm size in the Laminam 3/3+ and Laminam 5 mm thicknesses, Pietra di Savoia Avorio Bocciardata represents the new canon of beauty, elegance and distinction of this nature-inspired series, expressed on visually striking large size ceramic slabs. The structured surface effect, represented by the Bocciardato finish, confirms the research-led pursuit of perfection that allows Laminam to offer an endless variety of sensory solutions. The Bocciardato structured finish is ideal for kitchen and bathroom countertops and for faux-stone exterior cladding. For this last use, Pietra di Savoia Avorio in the Bocciardato finish benefits from the R10 anti-slip rating, further expanding its range of use to include residential and commercial settings exposed to water.






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